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Atiku and Buhari – Who will Create More Jobs After 2019 Presidential Election?

Good day dear, today we will be talking about Atiku and Buhari, and their employment talks. Between the two who do you think will create more Jobs in Nigeria after 2019 Election?

It’s very true that Osibanjo through Buhari created and implemented what we know today as n-power. Through npower recruitment exercise they’ve created temporal jobs for many. We will not also forget easily the various empowerment created under Buhari administration.

But it will be wrong if we over look the works of the man who claims to have the highest number of workers – Atiku.

Now, 2019 is fast approaching and these two heavy weight politicians are seriously using their current employment statistics as a Conner stone to win voters mind.

I want us now to forget the plenty talks about this party or that party, from what you’ve seen or heard, who do you think will deliver the Nigerian youths from joblessness?

Do you think Atiku who said he has more workers than Dangote can create the kind of jobs we need?

Or do you think that Osibanjo and Buhari led government can save Nigeria?

The reason behind this, is because many people will go and cast their vote due to what they’ve been told by one or two opposition party.

Check the current situation and tell us why you think one out of the two is suitable to create job after winning 2019 presidential election.

Can Atiku create the jobs, and solve the high level of unemployment in this county?

Or Is Buhari going o tackle this high rate of unemployment?

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