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How many years Did you searche for Jobs in Nigeria? 

Good day everyone, we recently came across Mr. Michael Ademola who share with us his Job hunting experience in Nigeria.

Below are what Ademola told us about how he searched for Jobs in the streets of Lagos, and how he was later employed by a well recognized oil and gas firm.

Kindly take your time and go through Mr. Ademola job hunting story, it will motivate you.

Hello Sir, Please can you tell us how many years you searched for Jobs? 

I searched for jobs for over 4 years after graduating from University.

How was life during your days of unemployment?

It was like a hell, you know I got to wake up most day’s, pick my cv, wear my shoes, and big suit that was almost fading then, I’ll walk from streets to streets.

My job hunting was like hell. I’ll wake up early and come back late. Most of my neighbors even thought I was l working somwhere.

So sir, how did you get your jobs in this big oil and gas company?

It’s the work of God. I was just sitting at a conner one very Tuesday morning, suddenly a thought came to my mind to go close to oil and gas companies and hold a past card.

I simply wrote few words on the plastcard. “I am a graduate, and I’ve been Unemployed for 4 years”

To my greatest suppries, I got this job that day, and I was instantly placed on a monthly salary of 350k.

So what do you have to tell other Nigerians seeking for employment?

I want to tell every Nigerian out there searching for Latest jobs here and there, to have hope, and Belive in God. I also want to let them know that searching for jobs the same way every other person is following may not work.

Try to do something different, I did something different and I was favored by God, thanks.

Back to you now

If you’ve been searching for jobs, kindly share your experiences so far.. Tell us your best and worst experience.

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