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We’ve explained everything about N-power Tech Software programme on this page. Do you know that is the official website for Npower tech software programme?

You’ll see the A-Z guide about N-power Tech Software programme when you’re done reading this guide.

Check online today to know if your name is among the sholisted candidates 2018.

You can now read the 2018 Npower Tech news for graduate recruitment.

If you applied for any of the N-Power Graduate programmes and you were not shortlisted, you are likely to receive a message that you have been shortlisted for either the N-Power Tech or Creative programmers.

What is N-Power Tech Software programme?

N-Power Tech for Developers

To empower 10,000 Software Developers into the ICT Industry.

The N-Power Tech for developers programme will train, tool and position 10,000 hands-on software developers for the local and international software development market. Participants will undergo a project based model to training wherein they will be exposed to foundational software development tools as well as resources to thrive as a modern day software developer entrepreneur. The programme will seek to establish the foundation knowledge, tools and platform upon which participants can pursue a career as software development entrepreneurs. Training will last 11 weeks and culminate with job fairs to link participants with placement opportunities within their respective localities.

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The programme will also offer a continuity platform to support participants with learning and engagement opportunities on a continuous basis. Participants will be enabled with a device to continue the practice and exploration of opportunities after training.

Npower Tech selection preference

  1. Unemployed graduates or non graduates
  2. Must be between 18-35 years old
  3. Problem solving skills
  4. Ability to undertake self-tutorship
  5. Detail-oriented
  6. Analytical

Jobs for All Npower Tech Software member’s

  1. App Developer
  2. Game Developer
  3. Web Developer
  4. Computer System Analyst
  5. Systems Software Developer
  6. Software Tester
  7. Trainer

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