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Npower Nigeria Programme | See 5 Things you must know about N-Power

Npower Nigeria Programme | See 5 Things you must know about N-Power

Have you ever wondered want this program is all about? I’ll be showing everything you need to know about N-Power programme.

What does N-Power Mean?

This is a Federal Government of Nigeria programme under the social investment programme for job creation and empowerment initiatives.

This very programme was created by the Federal government of Nigeria. This programme helps in reducing the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria through job creation.

How Npower conduct Job recruitment for unemployed Nigerians?

Do you know that Before you can secure a job via this social investment programme? However, you’ll have to meet some the basic Npower recruitment requirements? I’ll show you everything now.

2018 recruitment registration form is online now. You have to kindly note that the application is free.

Once you’ve met the requirements, then you’ll need to ensure you follow all the guides we’ve specified okay.

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This job comprise comprises of Different programmes, I’ve listed them below:

  • N-Health
  • N-Teach
  • N-Tech
  • N-Agro
  • Npower Build
  • N-Creative
  • N-Tax/Vaids

Stages involved in the recruitment process

This programme is all about recruiting, training and deploying qualified Nigerians to different places across Nigeria to carry out their duties. However, you will need to know the different stages involved.

The first stage of this programme is the “Online Application submission”

While the second stage is where candidates will seat for online aptitude test.

After that, names of successful candidates will be published after they’ve passed the online screening/Pre-test.

During the next stage, all those whose name appears on the shortlist will be out.

Once you’re verified, you will be given a device and some other materials.

How is shortlisted candidates determined in N-power Nigeria?

Do you know that the selection method is still not yet know? However, we strongly know that selection team do select candidates who passed the online computer-based test.

What is Volunteers network (NVPN)

The N-Power Volunteer Corps is the post-tertiary engagement initiative for Nigerians between 18 and 35. The graduates will undertake their primary tasks in identified public services within their proximate communities.

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Please kindly ensure you meet all the requirements before applying for the recruitment online. Below are list’s of websites where you see direct information:

We will keep updating you with all relevant information okay. Be rest assured that we’ll update you once the form is out online. as

If you still have questions about npower Nigeria, kindly comment below now.

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